EuroPlas’s adaptability impresses visitors in ChinaPlas Trade Fair 2021

About ChinaPlas 2021


Being first held in 1987, after 3 decades, ChinaPlas has become Asia’s largest and the world’s second-largest plastic & rubber trade fair (after K-Fair in Germany only). On the one hand, the exhibition offers golden opportunities for enterprises to find the right suppliers. On the other hand, it allows manufacturers to access thousands of potential customers, thus effectively entering the global raw materials market.

ChinaPlas is Asia’s largest and the world’s second-largest plastic & rubber trade fair 


ChinaPlas trade fair 2021 took place at Shenzhen International Convention & Exhibition Center (China) and lasted for 3 days (from 13/04/2021 to 16/04/2021). This year, ChinaPlas has 19 topics divided into 3 main exhibiting areas:

  • Machine exhibits: latest machine and technology in plastic & rubber industry such as 3D technology, Die and Mould machine, Extrusion machine, Film technology, Injection Moulding machine, Plastic Packaging machine, Recycling technology,…   
  •  Raw materials suppliers: leading
  • Trade services: E-business service providers and media were showcased in the trade services zone.

ChinaPlas plastic & rubber trade fair 2021 took place in Shenzhen, China and lasted for 3 days (from 13/04/2021 to 16/04/2021) 


ChinaPlas trade fair 2021 attracted over 103,000 visitors in the first 2 days (13 & 14/04). Under China’s restrictions due to the unexpected impacts of Covid-19, this impressive figure indicated that the plastic & rubber industry has gradually bounced back after a long severely-affected time by the epidemic.

ChinaPlas trade fair 2021 attracted over 103,000 visitors in the first 2 days (13 & 14/04)


EuroPlas in ChinaPlas trade fair 2021


Participating ChinaPlas 2021 in a special context, EuroPlas still successfully made a good impression on visitors thanks to our mindful preparation. Our booth number 16P71 was equipped with full of products’ information including brochure, catalog and samples. Besides, EuP also had a team of online consultants to provide customers with timely support, thus ensuring that all visitors had the best experience with us.  

Coming to ChinaPlas trade fair 2021, EuroPlas brought our brand new product named BiONext.


This is a perfect combination of bioplastic and biomaterials (corn/tapioca starch,…), thus offering it the biodegradability and environmental-friendliness. Using advanced processing technology, BiONext compound can help the end product increase mechanical properties, durability as well as minimizing the disintegration in water,…Thus, it is expected to revolutionize the production of environmentally-friendly plastic products, especially single-use plastic products such as food packaging, containers, cups, spoon, fork,…

BiONext compound is EuP’s brand new product introduce in ChinaPlas trade fair 2021


Besides, filler masterbatch made of bioplastic (BiOMates) also embrace customer’s attention in ChinaPlas 2021. This product is made of bioplastic mixed with additives such as calcium carbonate powder, talc, barium sulfate. Thereby, it is completely  biodegradable while remaining outstanding advantages of primary plastic such as flexibility, durability,…Furthermore, BiOMates also plays as anti block and slipping agent to streamline the plastic processing. 

Together with bioplastic products, EuroPlas also brings to ChinaPlas 2021 our traditional products which make our reputation such as filler masterbatch, color masterbatch (black masterbatch, white masterbatch,…), additives,… and immediately received a warm welcome from customers. With over 70% of top – quality CaCO3 from Vietnamese limestone, EuroPlas filler masterbatch takes pride in providing customers with an optimal materials solution, thus helping them save cost and improve the end-product’s competitiveness. This is a determined factor in plastic enterprises’ success, especially in the material market which is full of potential risks and price’s unexpected fluctuations. It explains why EuroPlas filler masterbatch is embraced by hundreds of plastic giants.

EuroPlas’ booth got a large number of visitors during 3 days in ChinaPlas trade fair 2021


After nearly 14 years of development, EuroPlas products have been currently available in over 80 countries and regions worldwide. ChinaPlas trade fair 2021 was expected to be a bridge between EuroPlas and China market, thus helping us successfully penetrate this huge market as well as preparing for a leap in the near future. 

Closing 3 days participating in ChinaPlas trade fair 2021, EuroPlas made great impressions of professionalism and enthusiasm on not only customers, but also partners worldwide. The exhibition also contributes to the spread of our brand name as well as offering us golden business opportunities.   

We would like to express our sincere appreciation towards partners and customers who have supported us in ChinaPlas 2021. See you again in ChinaPlas Trade Fair 2022!