Believing that human is the invaluable resource of a company, EuP Group focuses on creating a comprehensive human resource policy, in which mutual benefits between labor and company are ensured.

Remuneration package
We are proud of being one of the companies who have the most attractive remuneration package. Salary increase is assessed based on employees' performance and experience to ensure their interests
Insurances & Paid leave
100% of our staffs are not only covered by social insurance and health insurance as per Vietnamese law, but also provided with a private insurance package for better safety and health protection. Also, maternity leave, paid leave, annual traveling, and birthday gifts,... are fully implemented to offer a secure working environment. 
Healthcare services
General health check-ups are annually held by Vietnamese leading prestigious private hospitals to help employees detect signs of health instability.
Nutrition benefits
100% of our factories and offices are equipped with canteens to serve nutritious lunches for employees. Also, the airy and artistic cafe space also brings them great relaxing moments.
Wellness programs
EuP Group installs a modern convenient fitness center serving the needs of sports and cultural activities to improve employees' health and spiritual life.