Outstanding EuPers
Thi Nhung Cao
China sales team leader
Joining EuP in 2016, Nhung Cao has led the China sales team to achieve miraculous results in this large market.

China is the world's factory for many industries, and so it is for the filler masterbatch field. Six years ago, filler masterbatch suppliers in Vietnam could barely see any opportunities to export to China market.

However, under the right direction of EuP's Board of Directors, along with the excellent implementation of Nhung Cao & the China sales team, the exported volumn of EuP to this market has increased by 20 times.
Thi Hop Luu
HR of EuP Ha Nam
More than 10 years accompanying with EuP, Hop Luu has become a familiar member to most of EuPers, from the Board of Directors to the staffs in Ha Nam factory.

The increase in capacity to meet the market demand comes with several requirements for the personnel system, regarding quality and quantity, especially the human resource of the factory.

Hop Luu is a typical individual who has made great efforts in recruiting and maintaining the large number of employees in this factory, thus helping the whole system achieve the production target and simultaneously maintain the cohesion of the workers.