Mr. Huy Quoc Hoang
Chairman & CEO

Mr. Quoc Huy Hoang is one of our main founders, who plays an indispensable part in leading EuP Group throughout the process of establishment and development from the early days.

As a leader with a strategic vision, he has driven the company's specialized transformation since its inception, making EuP Group one of the leading corporations in the plastic material market, and simutaneously marking its name in many fields, such as mining, construction materials, and green energy. 

Under the guidance of CEO Quoc Huy Hoang, EuP Group has been and will constantly innovate, proactively create, and vigorously rise on the journey of reaching new heights

Mr. Hau Duc Vu
Deputy General Director

Behind EuP Group's incredible leap in capacity is Deputy General Director Duc Hau Vu. He plays a key role in operating production and ensuring the efficient operation of the factory system.

Under his guidance, EuP Group's factory system has continuously completed the production plan, ensuring a smooth supply of goods for the domestic and export markets. Also, he leads our team of more than 1000 staffs to share the determination on actualizing the vision of over-100-year development of EuP Group.

Mr. Vu Duc Nguyen
Deputy General Director

Playing the key role in EuP Group's success regarding turnover and market share is Deputy General Director Duc Vu Nguyen - currently in charge of sales and marketing of EuP Group.

Not only bringing European Plastics brand to the No.1 position in the filler masterbatch global market, Mr. Duc Vu Nguyen also made important decisions to help EuP Group successfully penetrate new markets, expand production and business activities as well as access potential cooperation opportunities both domestically and internationally. 

Mr. Tra Song Huynh
Deputy General Director

Mr. Song Tra Huynh is the key factor in R&D strategic planning and product innovation. He also plays a crucial role in driving the investment and development process of EuP Group.

As a Deputy General Director, he has made important decisions in developing and testing new materials, applying scientific achievements in product innovation as well as updating new material trends to help the company immediately adapt to market changes.

Along with that, Mr. Song Tra Huynh largely contributes to the success of EuP Group in a series of investment fields such as energy, mining, construction materials,..., thus accelerating the process of expansion and development of EuP Group.